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Elite Security Protection Starts Here.

World-Class Service

When it comes to protecting your business, you need a company with Integrity and Expertise.

Special Protection Group holds your Safety in the Highest Regard and we don’t accept anything but Excellence when it comes to our Customer Service. 

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Risk Assessment

We will help you analyze your property and business for security weaknesses and give you an implementation plan for protecting against thefts, intrusions, and attacks.

Intelligent Design

Our systems are designed to prevent and deter unauthorized access to your business using several layers of high-level security protection.

Expert Installation

Our knowledgeable and friendly technicians will install, thoroughly test, and then educate you on using your protection system and its advanced features.

Lasting Support

Support doesn’t end after installation. We offer 24/7 remote monitoring, alarm reporting, mobile viewing apps, and continued support and consultations.

Don’t Be An Easy Target.

You work hard to build your business. Don’t let your Success be Threatened by those who see you as a Target .

Special Protection Group has over 20 years experience in the security industry and we’re offering you our Expertise in protecting your Assets and Property .

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Who’s Watching Your Back?

You need Experienced Professionals that you can Trust and Rely on.

 With many years working Around The World utilizing the Latest Technologies to protect the British Royal family, International Embassies, Large Commercial premises, Legal Recreational Marijuana Farms licensed with the OLCC, and various Key Military Establishments, Special Protection Group knows how to protect you in the very best way and at a competitive price.  Our technicians are fully trained on the Most Advanced Security Protection Systems available: their Technical Excellence is our foundation.

Andrew Edwards

CEO and Project Design Specialist

Andrew has honed his skills as a security professional with years of service for the British Armed Forces, the British Ministry of Defense, and Her Majesty The Queen of England. He knows how to protect High-Value targets and he brings his unique set of skills to the commercial security industry to protect your business with the highest standards in mind. Andrew will design your security system and maximize your savings.

Cody Cloyd

Programming Specialist and Project Manager

Cody has years of experience programming networks and he brings his technological expertise to the table when managing your installation project. He knows the ins and outs of our security systems and will make sure that your advanced protection system is running at its highest effectivness. Cody is your installation project specialist while your system is installed.

Josh Miller

Service Specialist and Project Technician

Josh is our lead project technician for security system installations, and his thoroughness & attention to detail will make sure your system looks as good as it performs.  He will make sure your equipment is installed according to our design plans and he will extensively test every feature included in your system to make sure you’re protected around the clock. Josh is your service specialist.

You’re looking for an Outstanding security company; our track record is Proven &  Reliable .

Jeff Drake
Owner @ TreeFlower Farms

“Special Protection Group absolutely saved my business this year! We had to have a security system installed before we could get our license to operate, and our deadline was approaching quickly. SPG came and did a risk assessment and then designed a system for us in no time. They were able to install it with incredible turnaround, meaning we could operate before our season was over.  We couldn’t have done it with out them!”

Karen Sumner
CEO @ Syntax Processing Co.

“Special Protection Group gave us a risk assessment and we were blown away by how many security vulnerablities they found that we never would have thought of. They came back to us with a security plan that dealt with all of those areas and  helped us pass inspection for our OLCC recreational license. They always answer if we have questions or need training, and we would recommend them to anyone.”

Trusted High-End Products.

You need Elite security products from Market-Leading manufaturers. Our Advanced Security Systems protect you for Less .

With our years of experience here and abroad, we have found that Not All Security Equipment is Made Equal . We bring you the Most Advanced protection systems from brands that are on the Forefront of Technology and Innovation .

Samsung and Hanwha-Techwin America

As a leading manufacturer in the security industry, Samsung (Hanwha-Techwin) offers video surveillance products founded on world-class optical design and image processing technologies. Samsung’s advanced cameras, recording equipment, and encoding protocols keeps your security system recording around the clock so you can be sure to capture every moment or incident in the highest definition available.

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360  Vision Technology and The Predator HD

As exclusive west coast dealers of the Predator HD, we give you access to one of the most techologically advanced cameras available on the commercial market. The Predator is equipped with a 360 degree spherical range of movement, displays at 1080p output resolution, and can be customized with a range of attachments including Long Range InfraRed, Thermal Imaging, and Radar modules. if you want next-level surveillance equipment, the Predator HD is the way to go.

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Honeywell Security Anti-Intrusion

Honeywell Security provides a trusted and reliable all-in-one anti-intrusion system that provides touchscreen capabilites, cellular alarm reporting, and even mobile phone arming and monitoring.  Any trip of the alarm or panic buttons notifies our 24/7 monitoring agents, who will assess the situation and notify you and the authories so you can secure your business.

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FogBandit Fog Suppression and Theft Deterrant

FogBandit is an innovative and effective approach to theft suppression. In the event of a break-in or the press of a panic button, The FogBandit system will deploy a thick, non-harmful fog that fills the room in a matter of seconds, making it nearly impossible to see whats right in front of your face. Theives can steal what they can’t see.

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